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Did you know that when you were riding on the Island Explorer you were riding just a short distance from where one of the most famous pirates of the East Coast once cruised in his ship, Queen Anne's Revenge?

That's right! Edward Teach, better known as, "Blackbeard", often stopped on Tybee Island to replenish his stock of fresh water. He received his nickname, because of his huge beard, which he would line with fuses and ignite, prior to boarding his victim's ship. He and his men terroized sailors, up and down the Atlantic Seaboard, stealing huge fortunes, part of which have never been found. One island, just north of Sapaleo, was named for him. If you feel lucky, you may wish to look for the treasure which he secretly burried.

He and his men were finally trapped and defeated in a fierce battle in Ocrakoke Inlet. You can read the whole story in Captain Walt's Adventure, or click here for an abridged version.

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